Interactive booth

Keep participants busy and happy at any trade show, conference or event with a cell phone charging station rental.
Delight and engage participants with a charging station rental.
Improve participant satisfaction and overall experience. With the rental of mobile phone charging stations, you will be sure to delight the conference participants and offer a lasting impression. Telephone charging stations with conference instructions showed an increase in participant satisfaction of more than 12%.
Guests flock to your booth for a quick charge. By renting a charging station for lockers, you will encounter more pedestrian traffic on the trade show stands. Customers who rent event charging stations experienced an increase in pedestrian traffic of nearly 35%.
Turn on the participants and keep the event alive. A mobile phone charging station rental will help keep your participants on site and happy throughout the event. Cell phone charging stations can help increase guest retention at festivals by as much as 20%.

Why event organizers choose interactive kiosks from RAQ?

"The interactive terminal was really great! We used it as an effective addition to our event because people wanted to see all our models available but we had a kiosk too small to showcase our entire collection." The terminal had a really sharp look and was super easy to use. "- UV Productions
"The interactive terminals were a success at the conference! Thank you for allowing us to wait until the last minute and always receive them on time !! The screen with logos was also beautiful.Thank you for your first experience with RAQ. "- Catherine O.
"We really liked the interactive terminal, it was easy to use and there were no complaints Thank you for your excellent service throughout the process, we plan to use the terminals for our future events to present all our services and recover the essential data of prospects! "- Moira Collections

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