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We offer digital signage solutions that include hardware, installation, content development and application development. 


Digital Signage is a new communication tool in full swing. It represents a modernization of media traditionally used for advertising, promoting products and services and displaying information. The diversity of content that can be displayed is virtually limitless. Digital signage is an alternative to the paper display! This display technology is superior to the paper display. Savings on all fronts (space, paper, pollution, energy) for an eco-responsible future.


A creative dialogue

At RAQ, we believe in building strong and sustainable business partnerships. We believe that good communication is at the heart of successful projects and we are delighted to hear what you have to say! Our goal is to understand your needs and desires, and use our skills and knowledge to design unique and meaningful experiences. We know your standards are high and you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations. 


A tailored experience 

When you discuss your project, we will think in terms of customer experience and imagine how the technology will help you improve that experience and your brand. We will recommend a wide variety of technology options and share their respective benefits with you. We can deliver a partial or turnkey solution, the choice is yours. 

  • LCD and LED screens

  • Interactive kiosks 

  • All shapes videowalls 

  • LED Panels 

  • Custom material

If you can think it, we can build it.  

Outdoor kiosks that can withstand Canadian winters, we will design hardware solutions tailored to your needs.


Want to know the impact of your projects and communicate more effectively?

Our audience measurement solution will let you know the audience and the demographics. In addition, you will be able to create and generate an accurate statistical report based on a wide range of parameters. From larger-than-life videos to integrated olfactory and custom audio playlists, we create beautiful content for all tastes and preferences. We believe that all the senses should be stimulated to capture the full attention of your customers. Our talented internal studio excels in art direction, motion capture, design, filming and more. In order to increase the efficiency of the customer flow and to facilitate the sharing of information, we have developed and set up interactive guidance stations allowing visitors to find out more quickly and clearly about the activities, services and stores.

Improve the customer experience in the store, generate sales opportunities and innovate.

Consolidating the image of a brand represented by many franchisees can be difficult. Our customers regularly ask us to help their franchisees adopt dynamic displays in-store to reinforce the brand's major campaigns. Our solution recognizes that every store needs flexibility to manage the content of its own displays, while maintaining visual and tonal continuity as a brand. To improve the in-store customer experience while generating sales opportunities, we have developed a content strategy where standardized social seat campaigns combine with RSS feeds such as weather and local news, in addition to market-specific content, which is customizable by each franchise. We have already implemented the transition through an existing network of nearly a hundred franchises while providing them with technical support. The result ? 1150% growth of the network in less than a year and more than 30% growth in adoption by users, registered franchisees regularly using the platform to create and manage their own content. The program has been so successful that many others have also adopted it.


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